Posted by: ME | September 3, 2015

Making the Old, New

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

I know repurposing furniture and clothing is a trendy and sought after thing right now. It is popular to do or have it done by some mad skilled housewife and mom out there who has talent at bringing old stuff back to a new life. I personally love the mad skills of others and being a thrift shopper, it helps me to see purpose in old ugly stuff.

Many of us have witnessed some creative sewing at markets and on Etsy. Old clothes made into adorable purses, loved ones clothing made into quilts and teddy bears, and eclectic folk who can piece together an outfit from a second hand store and look like a million bucks.

Furniture repurposing is something my kids and I have dabbled in a little bit over the years. This past summer we had big plans to possibly try to make some money from, if not just make and use for ourselves. It is all experimental at this point. There is a place we live near that has well made used furniture that can be bought at rock bottom prices. We have also re-used some of our own well worn furniture pieces and have a bunch more we can play with(that UGLY tv table my husband insists on using next to his recliner). The first table I painted in spring is starting to have some chipping, which tells me I may not be so good at this, but I LOVE the piece and will be resealing it. I will NOT let it go.


This table is on our patio, or lanaias Florida residents call them. We bought four brown wicker looking chairs from Lowe’s to match. Those four chairs cost more than the table and paint, but in all, our new to us patio set was around $100.
My mother and her sister received a wicker bedroom set when they were teenagers back in the 60’s. This set was given to us in 2008 by my mom when my girls were wanting separate rooms. it included 2 dressers, a headboard, a cheval mirror, night stand, three mirrors, and a vanity.
because it was in her garage for years, it needed a little love. I cleaned it up and spray painted it a nice clean white. Like new again! My oldest used it for a few years and in her teen years decided she wanted to redo her room. One piece at a time, and a lot of love to used furniture, she had her shabby chic look and freshly painted walls. Some of the wicker furniture was displaced in to other rooms and even onto the lanai over the past five years.
She has a big closet, so one wicker dresser is still in use in there. My youngest daughter liked the wicker look so much that when another friend offered us a wicker set, we gratefully took that in too. Wicker overload! And now they want to use very little of it, so guess where it is going? Yes, you guessed right, back to my mom! She is moving to Tampa temporarily and needs temporary furniture for their apartment. Contract jobs! Gotta love when your momma is moving closer to you though!

This is my oldest daughter’s headboard that she distressed herself. She also distressed a nightstand a very pretty blue that I do not have a picture of.

Some pieces of wicker I took on to use out in the pool area. This was my moms vanity. I chopped the legs and painted it brown to match the other outdoor furniture….

I put this in between two teal blue adirondack chairs and under an umbrella.

I purchased an old and somewhat broken cedar chest from a friend and I am working on my first ever staining job for my daughters. Let me tell you. I bought the WRONG stain and it was detrimental to my new feeling about stain-to stain is a pain. I bought oil based. ICK! never again. I admit that stripping and sanding and staining is something I don’t think I want to do much of.Painting brings me peace, stain brings me to a place no one wants to see. It is a work in progress and I left it for a while I was so mad at it. All it still needs is new hardware(which will cause me pain and agony I am sure), the lid needs to be sealed and I need to put it back together(which will cause more pain because I am sure it will be skewed or something). I like the outcome, not sure about the lid(no pic but the stain was a BI*** and I am not redoing it) and hopefully it will bring someone joy. It will be going into my oldest daughters shabby chic room.


My daughter is going to make me a chalkboard out of a well made, heavy cabinet door she found for a dollar. I have a new spot in my room I have made into a desk area and could use a spot to write my To Do’s.


As far as clothes go, I will leave the bargain, and even some second hand, million dollar creations to my girls.

Funny how that verse fits many situations. I read it as when we die and go to heaven, we are new again. I also read it as when we go through a hard time, somehow, we hopefully come out a new person on the other side. Also, and more prominently, it’s about becoming a Christian. How everything we think and do and say and act, even the hard core rotten things we have done, old horrid beliefs we have had-GONE, when we DECIDE to accept Jesus in to our hearts, into our lives and starting having even that mustard seed of faith that He IS who He says He is. When you start to truly LOVE Jesus, and decide to pull the old dusty bible out(or get a new NIV/easier to understand one)to find out how to live our life (not to mention the amazing history)and put your AIM up High fail, and try try again…..daily.
THAT is the Ultimate Do Over.

I need Him, because apparently, I suck at a lot of things in my life.


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