Posted by: ME | February 26, 2015

Snappin’ Shots

For my 45th birthday this year, my sweet hubby decided to get the camera I have been eyeing and saving for.

(can I mention that I hate Windows 8- it keeps booting me out)

Anyway, I took a couple old school dark room photography courses in college WAY back when. I took the color film class and then the black and white. I have to admit that watching images appear on a piece of paper amazed me. I think I liked the darkroom emerging images better than snapping the pics I then had to mount and hand in. After that I pretty much didn’t use that camera again unless we were somewhere special. It was my dads Minolta 35mm. Nothing amazing, but it took amazing pictures.

When I was a young mother, I was not one of those super awesome crazy mommas who wanted the big 35 mm digital camera. Why? Well, between diaper bags, carriers and my own wallet that I threw into the diaper bag, I didn’t want to lug around something else. Hence, the wallet and no extra purse to carry. I was lucky to get my kids action shots with my little Kodak digital camera that my hubby gave me a few days before going in for #1’s C-section birth. My first digital camera. This was before cell phones people. Maybe the car ones had been out but I couldn’t afford that anyway. As time went on I wished for a smaller and smaller camera to tote around with the diaper bag. Through his job, at some conference, my husband managed to win a Canon Elph via the United Negro College Fund. Go figure (we are light skinned). So God bless the UNCF for that. I totally took this little camera over. It had a bigger screen and was tiny bitty. PERFECT for the diaper bag. With two little ones at my feet or in my arms, I loved it.


Now that my sweet little ones are now teenagers, and no more diaper bags necessary, I started thinking about getting a better camera. About two years ago, my hubby bought me a bridge camera. It was a Nikon Coolpix L810. It takes really great pictures but it is still fully automatic. It is a perfect camera to use in situations that you do not want to lug around bigger camera equipment.


After about the first year, I was unable to get the pictures that I wished to get with this camera and had outgrown it for the reasons I wanted a good camera. Knowing  what a decent camera could do after taking that old photography course, I started researching and began to save. I wasn’t looking to get the best thing out there, but I knew I wanted to stick with Nikon and my justifiable price range was $500-$700 max. I came across the D3300 and started comparisons with other popular Nikons out there in my range. I felt that this was the best choice, the best buy for my money, and continued to save. I work for Disney, and I work sparingly, so I expected to not get a camera of this caliber for about 6 months. While saving, I decided I wanted a red version of this camera, so I’d have to order it because my local BJ’s, Walmart, Target, etc had it only in black.

About 2 months has gone by since I shared this decision with the hubster, when he decided to just have me order it for my birthday gift. Yay!


I have had a lot of fun with the D3300 so far. I am relearning ISO(which used to be the film you used), Shutter Speed versus Aperture size and so much more! This is a whole new journey and I am excited to explore it all until I am confident with it. And not on auto. I didn’t buy this nice camera to just use auto mod~ although I am using it more than I like.

In my research about this camera, I came across this goofy dude, who has done a great intro for the camera that I bought……

Check him out…. very helpful.

Because I think photography is an art, I have not just taken one guys opinion. He has just been the most entertaining and helpful. I’ve been reading lots of sites about how to maximize the potential of this camera. I fail dismally, but I WILL get it. In the mean time, one of my favorite pictures that I have taken is on my header. (and no, Jared, I don’t shoot RAW yet, I am using JPEG -FINE)

Hoping to share as I get better and better photographs WITHOUT Photoshop. I’ll move on to that later, after I get more confident with this camera.


pretty rose my daughter grew, taken with my new camera (2/15)


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