Posted by: ME | August 22, 2012

an oldie I had been holding on to….

I have absolutely nothing valuable to say at this moment. Maybe Jesus is dragging me right now. He’s dragged me before, He’s carried me and walked with me.

Just catching up and will be writing soon……….  Pinterest has grabbed my attention and kept me busy too. I am loving the projects! I am wanting and starting to get ready for Christmas gifting and Pinterest is awesome for ideas.

I wrote a childrens inspirational picture book and right now Haley and I are working on the art for it. It may be the new year before I get it “out there”, but that is the goal. It’s more for me to have our story in a fairy tale style. It just makes me happier. After all, don’t we all wish for a happy ending?

On another note- I am wishing for a happy ending in another part of our lives. Ending being the important word there. We are in need of some new beginnings in a particular way. You think we have had a new beginning?? Well, we have, it’s TOTALLY different here in Florida, but this OTHER  particular part of our lives has been bugging us for a LONG time- and I am wish for a happy ending and a new beginning- even if there are some minor sacrifices. No major ones, please dear God.

And NO, we are not moving! (Julie)-LOL

Keep us in a little prayer now and then will ya?


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