Posted by: ME | June 3, 2012

Cool Things


Some really cool things have been going on in our lives right now. It started out kind of scary to me, mostly because of the way we all now know that I handle the big scary monster called “change”. Wanna hear?

I am going back to work part time. I looked everywhere for some work from home ideas- and it’s so scary b/c it looks like scams everywhere! I love the computer so I could have done something easily with that- yet I couldn’t find that. I didn’t want to make crafts or sell anything. I started perusing my life and trying to think of things I have enjoyed doing and creating. I have an idea or two in the works but do not know how far it may go. I know God has a plan for my life and so I am sticking with that belief and that hope.

Having a child with cancer and paying our own college and having that debt to deal with at 42 is really hitting us hard.  I mean, it has BEEN hitting us hard and we are always aware of it, but this year, our age is hitting us hard.Reality. It DOES suck. Soooooo………….

I am going to work at the most magical place on earth.

When I was 10, I wondered why my cousin, who was asked where she wanted to go on vacation every year, always picked Disney World. When I was 16, my parents brought us and I instantly was in love. I danced and sang “I’ve Got No Strings” on Main St USA when I was 16- a time when most are seriously embarrassed by anything. When I was 25, I went back with my husband and another couple, who were military and we stay at Shades of Green. AWESOME resort! When I was 32, my daughter got a “Wish” from Make a Wish, and she drew Mickey. I will post that next time as it is not in my computer right now.:( We went to Disney with Make a Wish in 2002. Then again on our own dime in 2003,2005, 2008, 2009(last time before previous probable move to HOUSTON). All about 18-36 months apart. I was extremely frugal, BTW. I am a PRO at frugal Disney trips. Ask me and I will tell.

After that first fateful trip at the tender age of 16, I saw my future as an Ink and Paint Girl- after reading about and viewing many videos and articles about how Walt began his company. At 18, I sent in a portfolio of art and was sent back a promising package with information about Cal Arts. Not being an “out of state” type of college gal, I started letting reality rule. It was a conscious GOOD decision that lead to my family. No regrets whatsoever.

Now I am here and having posted about my natural and general disagreement with going back into the echocardiography field unless I can do it on animals or for a old style cardiology clinic that doesn’t make me learn about how to fold bedsheets, the lawyers to call, the lines I can’t cross, HIPPA, and general lawyer lead hospital crap twice a year.

At 42, I am going to work for Disney. I am so low on the totem pole that I am told I do not have to use a fire extinguisher in my job and if some CO2 alarm goes off, to run. I find this EXTREMELY ironic and hilarious coming from the medical field. If it makes you nervous, just know Disney is ALL ABOUT SAFE-D- seriously and they have a total system for emergencies.I love this, however, as it shows that my job is about being in the show and then going home-perfect! Bring no emotional baggage home.Yay! I am going to wear a replica of an early 1900’s dress for my costume. Polyester. Heat. Layers. HOPEFULLY working inside most of the time, but if not, looking forward to melting away a few pounds.

MANY perks I look forward to sharing with my family.

I also want to add that I am looking VERY forward to working for Disney……. finally!

I have a few other cool stuff going on, but I am saving that for other posts!

Have a Magical Day!


PS- the reason for my Tarzan pic? The name of our homeschool is Here in My Heart Academy (HIMH Academy) based on the song form the movie that Phil Collins sings. It’s the WHOLE reason I am going back to work- to assist my strong, adorable, extremely hardworking hubby(best guy I know, hands down) and my family to move forward. In the meantime, HIMH Academy is my heart, my passion, and where God wants me first. My husband and kids are THE reason for everything I do- because God gifted them to me to take care of and to love too. Without them, life would truly suck.


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