Posted by: ME | August 4, 2011

I found this post

I found this post on my caringbridge page from December of 2005. It seems like allowed my oldest to post on her own site(even though it was my page FOR her). It brought back a flood of memories but I can’t help but share as it is soooo cute and shows where her heart is.


From her Caringbridge site…….

“Monday, December 5, 2005 9:01 PM CST

hello! Well I am 8 years old now! 8,8,8!!!!!!
I had a
slumber party with 3 of my good friends and my mom will post pictures soon-I
My sister got sick and we are postponing my family party ’till
Christmas and we had freeze my Barbie cake-booooo! But it is okay, she is better
My mom asks, “Did you know today is Walt Disney’s birthday???” She says
she only knows this because I was DUE on this day, but since I was upside down,
the doc took me out early. December 1st. But I think she knows this since she is
a Disney “freak”, as my dad says.


I wrote an
e-mail to Santa ( and he wrote me back immediately! he told
me not to expect EVERYTHING I want. I do not want much, but it’s all expensive
mommy says. But He says Mrs. Claus likes to make all the things I want!!! Mostly
I want my little cousin Gabbie to be able to pee. She had a surgery that messed
up some nerves and now she has not been able to pee for 5 months! my Nana, her
mom, has to put a tube in to drain her peepee every few hours-yuck! She used to
have to where a catheter with the bag all the time. I just want her better.
Please pray for her. The hurricane did not help at all. Gabbie was not happy and
cried a lot and the medicine did not help.

well, gotta go play and mommy
wants me in bed-tomorrow is her work day!!!

love, A”


Okay, so, she obviously turned EIGHT- did you catch that???


I have been thinking a lot about where we came from and where we are now.

My only hope is that we are doing the will of God in our lives, giving all we have, and learning everything we are needing to from this life journey.



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