Posted by: ME | July 19, 2011

Good food, precious food………

Ever been in a slump?

Harry Potter officially has ended. I mean, when I finished book 7, I cried, but also knew I had the movies to look forward to. Now movie 7 POINT 2 is done. Went to the midnight showing with my family and a bunch of friends and had a blast. Then after, sadness. Okay, tiredness. It was, after all 4 am before getting home to my bed. What is next? Harry, then Twilight? I need something more than JUST Christian self-help books. I just do. I like to read and watch movies for FUN. Does EVERYTHING need to be helpful? My brain takes vacations in books.

I am in a book slump. What I mean is that I have book on my night stand (The Sea of Trolls) and the book club I am in is finishing up a very interesting read (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) but I cannot bring myself to get through a book! My whole life, ever since elementary school, I liked to read. I had a time in my life when I didn’t want to read-mainly high school, because the idea of their book choices bored me to tears, except one (The Crystal Cave).

I am also in a food slump. That means I have been eating slumpy. Makes me feel slumpy. I lost one measly pound and I celebrated by inviting IT and a possible friend or 2, back. It has been SO good though. I miss home, so eating “home” type meals makes me feel better. Right? I’m filling a void, I know. The void can be filled with Jesus. Yes, I do know it can. Yet, crawfish poboys, crabdip with real french bread and hush puppies are like a fruity refreshing cocktail or a nice big warm hug from your (fill in the blank) on a really bad day. We also had fried chicken two days before that. UGH. The day after the crawfish po boy, we went to get real sno balls from a donut shop that was EXACTLY like the donut shop my aunt and uncle owned most of my childhood(where my first job was), so guess what else we came home with?

The guy who owns the Louisiana food(crawfish poboy) restaurant told us about the owner of the donut shop that also sells sno balls. Did he think we could resist the temptation of the smell of hot glazed donuts? Probably not. For a late lunch we had castle burgers. I think I felt an artery clog up. Needless to say, I had a lot of veggies tonight and last night. Funny thing is that, even when we lived in southeast Louisiana, we never ate like that except now and then. Fried chicken- once or twice a year. Poboys? Once a month at most. Castle burgers and donuts- well, I grew up on those so the damage is done, but haven’t had donuts but maybe once a year since 1990. We REALLY need to get home before we hurt ourselves! I think I am just homesick.

I’m in a slump.

So, I am not reading, sad because there will be no books and movies left worth watching, and eating amazing food that is not good for me. Well, the fried part. Fish, crawfish , shrimp, and crab are the best. Especially from southeast Louisiana. One think north westTexas and central Florida have in common-yucky seafood in general. You’da never thunk it.

What AM I doing?

Pondering things to write. Listening to my brain cells melt. Thinking about a book I wrote for kids and that Peanut is illustrating it for me and IF I ever get nerve up to ask someone if I should bring it further. Schooling my kids. Searching for info to keep up with a tragedy at home. Researching high school stuff for my kids. Laundry(ugh), cooking(sort of), and planning a trip home in October. Daydreaming. Not sleeping well. Staying up late. Talking to friends and my mom in law via phone, text, email, and facebook. Missing people. Thankful for friends, old and new.

Praying  and constant, unending praise to Jesus for all the good things in my life.

Even though I am in a slump.



  1. I need to make a correction. I had fried chicken more often than once or twice a year in Louisiana. Our church had Wednesday night dinner and every so often , it would be Popeyes and we’d run there like banshees to get in line. I miss Wednesday Night Dinner. My no cook night.

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