Posted by: ME | July 3, 2011

making a house our home

I am so happy about our home here in Florida. We were so blessed with a foreclosure that was livable. We brought this dead house back into a living home and the transformation has been amazing to me.

In the past year we have spent some money on house stuff-light fixtures, area rugs, school room stuff from Ikea, a mail center from Ikea, but most of the money has been spent on the outside.

When we moved here it was GROSSLY overgrown. The previous owners were retired and all they did was their yard. At one point in its history, it had the most beautiful landscaping. I mean, perfect, useful, gorgeous, tropical fairy tale-like landscaping. The backyard is wooded and they had birdhouses and trellises and stone paths. It was a little Tinkerbell‘s Dream. WE had 26 crepe myrtles. TWENTY SIX. I think we are down to 20. 2 were tangled up into the screen enclosure around the pool. At one point I am sure they were small and not touching it, but when we moved in they were tearing up the screen. We also had 3 banana type trees that were about 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide(no lie) that my husband, stalk by 5 inch wide stalk, took down. They completely blocked the sun from the pool area. We have 3 magnolia’s, which we love, since that reminded us of home-Louisiana state flower. Before we moved in you could not walk down the right side of our home. It was a tangle of overgrown crepe myrtles(12 on that side), and some awful vine that the landscaper we hired to help immediately took down from his own garden after dealing with ours. We poured root kill on the banana tree stumps, we poured weed killer and stump killer on the garden on the side of the house. It is now a mess of dead stuff, needing to be raked. But one thing at a time……

The inside of the house was livable. We had running water, a working AC/heater, and no holes in the walls as we saw in many of the other foreclosed homes we looked at in our house hunt. It had very little light though and we needed to replace the carpet in the kids rooms, and have some baseboards repaired or replaced in our room. The flooring in our master closets needed replacing, so we just had the carpet for the kids rooms put in there to save some money. I like the carpet in there, rather than wood laminate, because it makes getting dressed much warmer on the feet!

Since we have moved in we have replaced carpet, added throw rugs, painted every room, replaced the cheap bulb fixtures with actual light fixtures(my dad taught me how to put up light fixtures when he was in town, so I put them all up!), plus all of the regular stuff you need to do with a new home. Curtains and such.

I am just amazed that God has blessed us with the means to get this stuff done and that our home is more US, finally.

It makes the homesickness a bit better with each thing we are able to do to make this house more our home.


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