Posted by: ME | June 20, 2011

really long and boring blogpost

This past week we had our beloved niece over for 10 days. My mom was also visiting during that time  but left a few days  earlier than G (the neice) did.  We had such a good time together. So much so that I am having major pangs of homesickness.

We have lived here in central Florida for 17 months now and I have learned so much already. I do beleive that there are reasons for everything under the sun and sometimes I still wonder why the good Lord brought us here. He did bring us here as we completely put our lives and my husbands job in His hands- we gave it up to His will and not our own. We were willing to go where He led us. He brought us here.

Most of you will probably wonder why I may sound whiney(other than the pang of homesickness) about living near the beaches of Florida, Mickey Mouse, Sea World, and Universal. It’s a dream for a lot of people. While it has had it’s MAJOR perks, we did not necessarily want to live in central Florida. Our dream has always been to move to Florida, but to the panhandle- where you can have the Florida resident Disney perks, the beach, and not be far from home or Disney. You see, we like the idea of being a weekend trip  away from home (New Orleans), close to the beach, and a weekend trip away from Disney.  This may happen one day, but until the girls are grown and out of school, we will be staying put unless we moved back home, where we could kinda sorta fit back in nice and cozy, possibly. As we all know, change happens.

So, what’s so great about Covington, Louisiana(about 40 minutes north of New Orleans)? Well, it is HOME, it is where we spent 11 years,bought our first home,  found Jesus, won the battle against childhood leukemia, brought H home to, have family not too close and not too far(could attend birthdays and get together at holidays), lived within a mile  or two of everything but still had the feel of small town life. Mostly it’s about our kids growing up there and things that they miss terribly, like our church. We see what is going on there and it tears at my heart that A is missing out on some things she had always looked so forward to.

About church, we still don’t have a home church here in Florida, but we have settled into a routine of watching our HOME church streamed through our computer and onto the big TV screen. We go to a physical church now and then, but I am not fond of the one we go to when we go. I don’t know if this is wrong or right, but it is where we are right now and I personally feel more at peace with it than going to any church around here so far(we’ve been to 6 for about 4-6 weeks each, plus 2 others, once). Plus, I just plain give up. I was starting to HATE Sunday mornings. I used to LOVE Sunday mornings. I looked forward to going to church to worship Jesus and here a sermon that almost always spoke to me somehow. Could it be the fact that we came from such a great church that finding a new one has been unfruitful? I did finally give up looking for anything remotely close to what we used to have.  Makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Things church related are just different here. Funny, it goes right along with how I am feeling spiritually sometimes.

Spiritually, I feel most filled with the Holy Spirit at Give Kids the World. If we lived closer, I would be there every Sunday morning.  After that, it is sitting in my PJ’s in our den, watching our old church service on tv. We enjoy worship music and the sermons rock, no matter who is giving it.

As far as bible study goes, I have done a womens study at the church we go to now and then, but it was transient on my part and had people in and out all of the time too- new and not new. I have learned that I like closed bible studies-at least after a few weeks. I am excited that we have started a year long bible study as a family, much in the style we are used to. I found a bible study curriculum that has different levels but studying the same chapters and verses of the same books. We are studying Luke and Acts this year.

What’s so BAD about Florida? Not much, actually. One BIG thing I hate about Florida, if you have read my previous posts, are the monstrous, humungous, gargantuan sized BUGS that are here.  I hear they get bigger the more south you go, so Miami is pretty much out for me. I barely go outside and fully am in favor of cementing our entire property/lot. I am thankful that we rarely(my definition of “rarely” is different here) see them within the lanai and even more rarely are they in our home. THAT is not allowed. We see about one roach/palmetto bug or spider on the lanai per month and I have seen  and know about 3 roaches IN the house in the past 17 months. That is probably how many were in my house in Louisiana,total, where we lived for 11 years!  The other thing I dislike is how far we are from home- it’s no weekend drive. I would love the OPTION to get in my car on a Friday and spend a couple days. Therefore, I’d never be homesick. I’d be sick of them(haha!) and be thankful to get back home! I hate that my dogs have completely different dispositions here. The move really messed with them. The only thing that is the same with them is their excitablility when someone new walks through that door. It could have something to do with the monstrous bugs here too for them to bark at and flip out about with momma.

What I like about Florida, besides the obvious Castle 30-40 minutes away?? I LOVE being a stay at home mom. More than that, I love not having to deal with a place of employment on top of eveything else in this life. I am loving the women I am connecting with and their families. I also love that the gulf coast is blue down in Sand Key, which is 2 hours away and we can go for a day trip(which we have only done once),but I don’t like that the sand is flat and hot, unlike Destin. I love that space rockets go up now and then and we can SEE them and hear the sonic booms on the return flight. I love that I can hear the fireworks in the distance from Disney in my backyard. I really like my house and the pool in the backyard. I like that I have no rear neighbors and I can hear the birds and frogs and yes, even the crickets chirping. The sunsets in Florida are nothing short of magnificent almost on a daily basis.  I love watching the amazing lightening storms (this is the lightening capital of the world or the US or something) so long as they are off in the distance! I like the hills of Clermont for the really cool views. I like the peacefulness of the area I live in(even though bugs take away from that). I love the smell of the orange blossoms in February. If I wanted to, I could go work for Mickey Mouse- what better boss is there? I also love hosting family and friends in our home, and enjoying Disney with them when possible!

Do I want to move back home now, if the chance came along? No. Our reason for being here is not complete. Plus, I just don’t want to ever move the kids again, unless it is HOME. I’m in the middle of developing friendships that I’m not ready to let go. So are my kids.  I like being close to Disney. Mostly, personally, I LOVE beng ABLE to give my time to Give Kids the World. Even though I hope it serves a different purpose one day in my lifetime(meaning that kids no longer have cancer or other life-threatening illnesses), it’s where God wants me, for now. One thing that WOULD make me go home, would be A. She longs for her church choir, youth group and ability to finally experience Big Stuff(something always talked about by the older kids and youth director), and do youth choir tours and mission projects.

For all the good, the bad, and the ugly about Florida, I am ever so thankful for Jesus, and I will go where He puts me………………ugh……………….even if there are bugs. (please Lord, don’t let me have to eat those words, Please please please please!!!! I beg of You! and by the way, WHY did you create the really scary ugly ones, why why why??????!!!!!!)

By the way, I miss G SOOOOOOO much! Noodles, G!



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