Posted by: ME | March 21, 2011

Warning: Duran Duran post

I guess I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately. Some things happening in my life and just where we are at a year into being central Florida residents. Still feeling things out here and starting to really settle.

I’m not having horrible homesickness any longer, but I do still miss so much from home and am happy when we encounter people and food and stuff from HOME. It’s hard to have such a mundane winter/spring, when everyone at HOME is having King cake, or thinking of getting to or around parades. Facebook, email, Skype and texting have been such big blessings too when keeping in touch with any of my family and friends. I thank God daily that I live in THIS day and age as far as communication go after moving away. I am horrible at snail mail.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of music from my teen years. Why?? I have come so far in my faith, and being here has tested that too. Why go back? I absolutely love most Christian music. It speaks to me as I am sure the writers hope it to. I love that my kids are just surrounded by it and ask for it and that their first concert experiences have been of Christian nature. Just trying to lay that foundation and they are a LOT further in their journey than I was at their age.

When I was their age, good Christian music didn’t exist and my first experience with “pop music” that I really loved was “Always Something There to Remind Me” by Naked Eyes:

I really loved that song, and this led to me listening to the local pop station and had me WAITING patiently for my parents to cave to cable to I could see MTV. We were close to last in getting cable in our neighborhood. Being the oldest of 4, I was the guinea pig and always had to wait for those cool things, like cable and going to Disney World. 🙂

Then I heard “Is Their Something I Should Know” by Duran Duran. I taped it onto a cassette so I could listen to it over and over. My dad was going to a store called Barkers(sort of like a Kmart, I guess) in the middle of the night for a sale, for Christmas gifts, I’m sure. I gave him my $10 and asked him to PLEASE get me the Duran Duran album.

I woke up at 6am to find the album sitting on top of my turn table on my dresser. I immediately put it on. And played it over and over and over. I drove my parents and brothers and sister nuts, I’m sure. I was 12. 1982. Maybe close to 13, I do not remember.

My favorites from that album are….

well, I can’t pick one!

So, here’s Friends of Mine….

Notice Simon doing the head flip that is so prevalent in teenage kids today too!

Something about their music made me feel free and peaceful and it was just plain fun! Now it makes me feel young at heart and free and nostalgic. And, yes, it’s just plain fun! I love moments of feeling that way. I think it’s a rare talent that can make someone experience that. Of course, it’s different for everyone. I think it was perfect timing for growing up.

Anyway, I then started making friends whose families had the same issues as mine. Having a tween/teen daughter who was a Duranie couldn’t have been easy. We tended to wear fluffy shirts, belts and lots of scarves and rubber black bracelets(which are also kinda popular right now) AND we dyed our hair. I actually used real BLEACH to turn my bangs blonde. It probably just stripped my brown hair of any color whatsoever. I never said I was the smartest kid around. To my defense, I took the phrase, “having your hair bleached” at face value. We also tended to play the music constantly, and loud and had posters plastering our walls. My dad saved his sheet rock(sort of) by plastering my walls with corkboard for the posters. We also spent way too much time wondering which hotel they might be in and how we could get our parents to let us stalk. Ha! Never. Was I a bit obsessed? Yup, probably more than would make me happy if my own girls did this. My poor dad, he fought it, but my mom actually liked them quite a bit with me!

I was 30 when I actually got to meet them. It was CRAZY, 17 years later, not obsessed any longer, at least with them….

My daughter, Ashton, had been diagnosed with leukemia in September 2000, and we spent an ungodly amount of time in the hospital. I never hardly left, for obvious reason. My husband, for my 31st birthday, surprised me with tickets to see Duran2 at House of Blues in New Orleans, to get me out of the hospital and out of my depression. He gave me 3 tickets. So, who did I ask to go with me??? My mom and my friend, Lisa, who was with me for the very fist concert I went to. Ironically, we ran into the whole bunch pediatric oncology nurses that cared for Ashton(day shift rn’s) at the concert. It was an intimate concert, small and I LIKED it that way. It felt more personal. So, afterward, on a complete “I’m not in the hospital and I had a drink and I feel like doing something crazy” whim, we waited outside like teenagers for them to make their escape. There were literally about 20-30 people out there doing the same thing, all MY age. I had NOTHING for them to sign, but it was cool enough to shake Nick and Simon’s hands. I almost had them sign my checkbook-LOL!! I didn’t even HAVE a cell phone, much less, a camera. Nothing to document this occasion except a memory. A really good one.

I’ve always wanted to thank them for making me feel young and carefree at a time that I felt old, worn and had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

So, if you’re out there, guys, THANK YOU! It was just the prescription I needed.

As I tell my kids now, I truly never got what half the songs were about. I tried to figure them out and there were rumors running around about some. Other songs were more blatant. For me , it was more about the music, Simon’s voice, and those MTV videos. I know Simon wrote all of the songs, but what some meant, I had no idea. I still don’t get them all. Maybe I’ll google it, but I may be sorely disappointed, so maybe not. After reading Andy’s book, “Wild Boy”, I learned some things that I am GLAD I did not know in my early teens. Let’s just say they must have had a GREAT PR department that shielded us young’ns from a lot of craziness(nowadays we really have to watch it b/c of how communication is these days- no one can get away with much). Of course, Andy’s book is one band mate’s view, and it’s still things I am glad I didn’t know as a kid.

So, then Rio came out , along with those cool MTV videos. Here is my absolute favorite….

Then Seven and the Ragged Tiger….

While I didn’t like the songs AS much as Rio or Duran Duran, I really enjoyed Shadows are on Your Side…..

Now, call me crazy, but I cannot remember if my first concert was after this record/cd came out. I specifically remember going to a concert in New Orleans(I think) after Seven and the ragged Tiger, but I also know that my mom and friends dad brought my friends and I to our first D2 concert on February 14, 1984, in Baton Rouge. I remember the ride there in the old station wagon with wood paneling, riding in the back with NO seatbelt. I do know that I have paid the see them 4 or 5 times. The last time was in 2001, right after Ashton got sick. I know that Paul thinks I am nutty for liking them so much, he has bought tickets or brought me to 2 or3 D2 concerts. I honestly cannot even recall when I saw them the other times. One Paul brought me to, I remember we had horrible seats, even though they were close, the floor was not staggered or on an incline. Having a kid with cancer fries the brain cells.

From the mid 90’s to now, Duran Duran moved LOW on my life’s radar. Even though were in the back of my mind, I still bought their cd’s , or asked for them for Christmas. They were always still there though, with good memories, in the back of my mind.

I didn’t enjoy Notorious as much, but I loved the Wedding Album, especially these few….

Ordinary World. It also hit home when we were moving. I call it our moving song. Finding our way back to our “ordinary world” in a new place….

Come Undone(warning, there’s a part in this video that I’d be uncomfortable explaining to my kids at this time in their lives), but it’s a good song. Who do you need when you come undone? I know who I need.

Breath After Breath….

I also enjoyed the offshoots albums they put together as Arcadia and Power Station. I must admit that, between the 2, Arcadia was more my style.

The Flame, a video I have NEVER seen before(that I can recall)! Hilarious- reminiscent of Rocky Horror, maybe??? Cameo by John…

I think Power Station was more popular, with Robert Palmer and such. It was kinda funky and fun….

Remember Some Like it Hot??

There are a bunch more cd’s and songs they made that I just never got familiar with, or it was at a time in my life when I started taking my Christianity more seriously and sunk myself into some cool Christian tunes that I will post about another time.


Whenever I hear a Duran Duran song on the radio, or on my iPod, I turn it up and dance. I do this for other 80’s tunes also, but mostly D2. I am known by my kids to turn it on loud while I am cleaning the house or when I am on my way to Mom’s Night Out in my minivan, by myself! But, I LOVE embarrassing my kids. Any time I can get the chance! Dancing around is a biggie for them. Dancing to Duran Duran makes it worse because they have witnessed my childhood obsession in photo albums.

Last but not least, I came across a NEW song and cd they are putting out this month and it sounds an awful lot like their old stuff…….. YAY!

All You Need is Now

So far, I’m liking it!

Happy listening/watching,


Ps- and I’m SO happy I didn’t marry any of them! (cuz ALL you Duranies know thats what you thought about in the 80’s, so lets just be honest here, ok???) lol!!!

God gave me the perfect guy for me.


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