Posted by: ME | March 11, 2011

Songs to My Life

My hubby and I have always had tunes to go along with what we were feeling about each other, our kids, or any given time in our lives. This is a chronological list of those songs and hopefully, a link too!

1986-Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now by Jefferson Starship


1989-After a few years of dating, this Dan Hill song just touched our hearts for each other:

1992- We were engaged and Alladin came out. Yes, the Disney version. We immediately fell in love with “A Whole New World” and we decided it should also be our wedding song. At our wedding, they accidentally played the kid version and not the radio version. The whole time we are dancing, I am telling him that I HIGHLIGHTED the adult version for them to play and obviously, they didn’t see this. O well, it turned out to be “us” anyway! So here it is:

Isn’t that true of marriage anyway?


So in the  4 years after that, we were happily struggling along at school and our jobs. Or rather, I was at school and he was working.

Then we moved to Dallas for a job promotion.

We had a blast there for 2 years and 8 months. it was the time in our lives we had 2 full time incomes and no kids. After I had our baby #1, we started thinking about getting back home. These were the early 90’s when Seinfeld was a staple in our home. We do remember watching the last episode while living in our apartment in Plano and the song that closed that show also wrapped up our lives in Dallas…..

Time of Your Life by Green Day

Every time we hear it, we think of our life in Dallas, pre kids, going out to dinner and movies  and site seeing all of the time. We had some HARD trials there too in that short time. It’s not Seinfeld’s song only, it’s ours. We blew a lot of money and had a lotta fun. No regrets. Oh and our first baby was born there after a really bad miscarriage of fraternal twins. One in the tube, one in the uterus. Lost one one week and had no idea another was still in there, stuck in the tube. Long story for another day.

Let’s get back to music!

When I was far enough along with child #1, we heard a song on the radio on the way in to work one morning that summed it all up for us. To this day, this is her song and I hope our kids use these songs to dance with thier daddy at thier weddings one day. Who doesn’t love a good Elton John love song!


Every word.

Now when child #2 blessed us, my husband was well into alternative music like Creed. After buying a CD, he came to me after work and asked me to sit in the car with him and he played this song and told me this was our second baby’s song. As you will find out, Creed’s music was touching to us in many ways. But for now, enjoy “Arms Wide Open“.

Don’t quite get the video but the song is perfect. I like the acoustic version also.


So, before child 2 turned one, our oldest(Pumpkin) developed leukemia. Can you imagine the songs we just naturally accumulated for THIS journey. We never ever picked and decided on any of these songs. They just inspired us naturally and then we deemed them “ours”. We listened to our inspirations over and over and sometimes really LOUD.

I remember this one going to and from the hospital for my breaks while daddy stayed with her and I could spend time with Peanut(child number 2’s nickname)…..

Weathered by Creed

“Cuz I choose to WIN, I choose to FIGHT”

and as time wore on during chemo and our faith journey….

One Last Breath by Creed

And now we have more of the family in on the song action! Pumpkin had a few favorites on her chemo journey too!

Higher by Creed

AND how perfectly did that fit in on our family’s journey?!!!

During  her chemo days, our family enjoyed another song that Pumpkin  and Peanut loved and we actually adopted as our home school’s name…..

You’ll In My Heart by Phil Collins, from Disney’s Tarzan

This also fit in well with our cancer journey. “For one so small, you seem so strong”, “You’ll be in my heart, from this day on and forever more”, “they’ll see in time, I know”……

The name of our home school is Here in My Heart Academy(HIHM Academy) after one line in the song.

One song that always got to me during chemo days was a song that Pumpkin eventually danced to at a recital. A lyrical ballet when she was about 6….

I just would imagine her breathing in the Holy Spirit while she slept and healing her every blood cell, her every bone marrow cell and her spinal fluid. And I AM and was desperate and lost without Him. I needed Him in my life. Every part.

I will end there today. We have many more recent, mostly Christian songs that have inspired us over the years.

There are songs we hear on the radio or at church today that we deem “Chad” or “Courtney” songs, who sing/sang at our HOME church in Louisiana.

Hope you enjoyed a musical journey of our lives! LOL!!











  1. love, Love, LOVE this post! I relate so much in my life to music too, and your songs really touched my heart. Weathered made my cry, because I listened to it knowing where you were in life when it rang so true to you. Awesome post……and I really love Creed!

    • Thank you Julie, for reading and listening to it.
      That song still brings it all back. I was crying too!
      As I was making my blog post I was tearing up over all of them, but that one is where we were for too long, scared we wouldn’t have her as long as we lived.

      During her treatment, I went to 2 concerts. Paul bought me tickets to Duran Duran at House of Blues to get me away from the hospital. I literally never left except for those 2-3 hour excursions with our baby(H was 1). I brought my mom and my friend, Lisa, who was also at my first Duran2 concert in 1984. The other concert was Creed. Paul and I went to see them on a date! woohoo! it was AWESOME! We love Creed and I hate that they are not the same any more. I like Scott Stapp’s voice. and hey! They’re a Florida band!

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