Posted by: ME | February 28, 2011

Disney Days are Here again!

My oldest just asked me when I planned on going back to Disney.
It’s funny how life changes from one year to the next.
An aquaintance told me last summer that it takes a year for your life to start looking more normal, or like you had before you moved. You know? The running the kids around here and there to this and that activity?? Well, she was right!

Last year, we were at Disney about once or twice a week and that was before we had annual passes. We’d just go to Downtown Disney and window shop, visit a resort, let the kids play there, or goshdarnit, we’d ride the monorail just for FUN! And there’s nothing like a “magical” Disney BUS to swoop you around property! Even if your going nowhere!
Once we purchased our Florida resident seasonal weekday passes, we could enjoy the parks  in a whole new way. We could go all day OR we could actually just go for a couple hours- wierd huh?

After all the money we had saved and spent on Disney vacations over the years, one of my kids expressed to me, “Mom, THIS is my best time at Disney, ever!” on a long day out at the Magic Kingdom with the Disneyschoolers last February(which we were gifted tickets and very thankful!) Not after a long trip with family and friends. Not after the 10 day “5 Years off Chemo” Celebration we did back in 2008. Not after the 2 trips we took with our wonderful friends in 2003 and 2005. And not after our oldest’s Make a Wish trip(although that one was amazing in like a hundred other ways, and they were 4 and 2). Not after our supposed “last trip for a long time” in September 2009 because we thought we were moving to Houston trip. My youngest CRIED all of the way out of the Magic Kingdom on our last night (and we were with friends) knowing we wouldn’t be back for a long while. (Houston is a lot further and we knew it would take us longer to save up to come.)

THIS day was thier best “trip” ever.

Go figure.

So, thank you to my Disney friend who gifted us with those tickets.

Sooo, when am I going back??? Every time I get a chance!

WHY do we love Disney so much?? “It’s sooo expensive!” “It’s so far!” “It’s so HOT!” “It’s just a Mouse!” “I’d rather see something more nature-y! “

Well, it’s a long story for another day!



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