Posted by: ME | February 24, 2011

A Tale of Two Doxies

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..”

How I hated that book in high school. Out of all the books I
ve ever attempted to read, this was by far, the worst. I never got past the first chapter. I hardly got past the first page. But those stupid dumb opening words just come back to me now and again.

Anyway, this is about our 2 dachshunds and their best and worst of times…..

I am a cat person, always have been and always will be. I love how they are independent and don’t NEED you to say hello when you get home or get up. They just ARE. They are sweet and cute and oh just so adorable and happy, but my husband is allergic to them. I did, however, have 2 cats for the first 6 years of our marriage, because my very loving husband loved me enough to know they came with the package. Little did I know, though, until we had to get rid of my last kitty due to our oldest daughter’s chemo days, how bad my kitties were affecting him. But more on that another day.

A few years after our oldest was done with chemo, we decided to get a dog. We wanted a hearty dog that was good with kids. We went through a blue heeler and a really messed up beagle before we finally met our match, a dachshund.

My neighbor and my brother each had one and they were so sweet. One kept breaking out of his yard and coming over and my kids fell in love. So we took our neighbors advice on a kennel and found this ….

or something like him (because I cannot locate my photo of my baby!). How can you pass THAT up???

We brought him home one week before Katrina hit our area. He was pretty much already potty trained and just needed some chewy’s. After Katrina hit, he lived with us in a hotel for a few weeks after a week at my brothers(again, another long crazy nightmare of a story) and the spoiling started there. He cried all night in his kennel, and for fear of being kicked out, we took him into our bed with us, and he still sleeps there today.
When we finally made it home, we only kenneled him when we were gone from the house, but that phased out after we all trusted each other to not eat furniture, pee on something, or leave “gifts” for our arrival home.

2 years later, my neighbor had bred her 11 pound female short-haired black and tan with a 10 pound chocolate long hair. Out came 4 beautiful black and tans, but at a price. Momma doxie’s uterus had ruptured on the 4th and final pup that came out- and he was a BIGGIE. Thankfully, momma survived, but the pups needed bottle feeding.

My neighbors back then were so super sweet. We really enjoyed them being there. When the babies were coming, they called us for our kids to come see one be born(but quietly, as to not disturb momma). My kids fell in LOVE. They then went over a few times to help bottle feed the pups while momma doxie recovered.
A few weeks later, our neighbors called and offered us a pup for free, for the kids. Are you kidding??? We debated for about 5 seconds before saying YES. After all, we really loved Hershey and I was even debating becoming a ‘dog person’.

We did not want the kids to know. They were distraught that it was time for the pups to find new homes. Our neighbors allowed me to pick whichever one, with exception of a tiny female that was already sold. In my mind, I went there for a female(there were 2) so I could dress her up like a girl and get pink rhinestone collars, and have a pink puppy bed with pink princess bowls. Yet, twice, going over there to pick one out, this fat roly little male kept crawling in my lap to take a nap. He was the one to give his momma so much trouble. I should’ve taken the hint, right??? His nickname was “fat boy” due to his birth situation and the fact that he ate a lot.

About 2 weeks later, we took Fat Boy home. Hey, he picked ME, and that was good enough for this momma. We renamed him Snickers, but Fat Boy fits much better! This sweet doxie is the BEST doxie EVER. He is so super sweet and cuddly and has never nipped or bitten nor even thought about it, EVER. He is my youngest child’s dog. He loves her beyond any of the rest of us. He cries when she’s out at a friends or she heads to bed without him. The best thing is that she NEEDS him too.

On to the move to Florida…….

These pups were now 4 and 2 years old and the move stressed them the worst BY FAR. We could never leave them. They cried constantly if we were out of sight. They were by far the most awful doxies EVER. They seriously made us consider muzzling as a common practice. They are jumpier than ever. My friends here must think we have ZERO control of them.
Yet, with us, on any given night that we are all home, they are great lap-dogs! So sweet.

Last summer we went on a trip back home, and left them here with a friend, who works for Disney.

They ate almost an entire love seat. One pillow at a time. One day at a time. They climbed on the table to eat. They were the WORST DOGS EVER. The poor girl staying here was stressed over them! WE were stressed over them! We renamed them Beelzebub and Lucifer. They had to be then kept in our walk in shower with a box against the door to keep them in. We’ve never felt so bad for someone! We’d left them before with someone when we lived in Louisiana and NEVER did they do anything remotely like this. EVER.

So when we got home, we bought a bigger kennel and started kennel training again. That was fun. Ha!

They are now kennel trained. We don’t leave them out when we are gone. EVER. Sometimes I feel badly, but  when I remember last summer….. NOPE, I don’t feel bad at all!

Check out “Snickers the Florida Dog” on Facebook.


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