Posted by: ME | February 14, 2011

New Friends, True Friends

The old Brownie song comes to my head when thinking of all of my friends, “Do Your Ears Hang Low, do they wobble too and fro, can you tie them in a know, can you tie them in a bow?”.

Okay, just kidding, I really am talking about  the , “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold” song.

When it comes to friends, moving is tough. When it comes to moving, friendships can be tough. Well, tough to navigate is more what I mean. Well, I’ll explain what I mean…..

Please keep in mind that THIS move has been the hardest when it comes to friends. I have only moved one other time, to Dallas, and that was before we had children. In fact, our oldest was born there and then we moved back to the New Orleans area. Back then, we were able to go home more often, and my brother lived with us temporarily while there, plus I had a cousin and his  then-wife, and all of that made it feel more home-y to us.

Making new friends in a different town has been a great experience. I promised myself before we moved that I was jumping in wherever we landed. I knew that if I had laid low for too long, that I may never come out, fall into a deep depression, and cry a lot.  I know God had a lot to do with the people I have met here.  Ironically, the first friend I met here, I met even before we moved here.  The Disboards has a home school community thread that is very diverse, but helpful. She reached out to me and introduced me to a home school group that’s based on Disney.  We met at a Disneyschooler event in Downtown Disney on our 3rd day in Central Florida. There I met a bunch of home school momma’s that I have become friends with. One in particular sat on the wall with me at the T-Rex restaurant’s dino pit and we discussed what we were wanting for our kids and realized she’d already started a group for the interests we had in common. Bingo! It’s been great ever since. My Disboard friend is in the group too.

Establishing friendships didn’t seem that hard, it’s getting to know each other that can bring hesitant feelings, especially when you KNOW you already have established close relationships in the past, at HOME.

At first, I felt like I needed to be vocal, so they knew where I stood, or where I think I stood. I suffered all to often from “foot in my mouth” syndrome. It sorta felt like I was betraying my friends in Louisiana, making these new ones. I was wanting to start rooting myself, but was also scared to death. After all, I was already so deeply rooted. I didn’t need any deep friendships getting in the way. But God has different ideas than I do. And they’re for my own good and I know it.

My “old” friends, as I am sure they would LOVE to be called, had known me for a long while, accepted me as is (at least they make me feel like that!), and we meshed well. Of course, it wasn’t always that way. The beginnings of our friendships started kinda slow, and a couple were even rocky, from what I remember. Our kids brought us together. Our kids in dancing class brought a couple of us together. Church brought us together. Cancer brought us together.  Co-op brought us together. Then WE brought us together. I have made a conscious decision to not call them my “old” friends, and not JUST due to our YOUNG age, but due to the fact that these days it is SO much easier to keep in touch. Email, Facebook, Cell Phones/ texting, and Skype. It’s almost impossible to not keep in touch. Sometimes, when they come to mind, or I am having a moment of really missing them, I’ll send them a text. Just a little note. Nothing big. I do not text them every time, but I do think of them often. They ARE gold. They are my friends, not my “old” ones. I just don’t see them weekly like I used to.  I truly love and miss them.

My “new” friends, or my “Florida” friends, have been tremendously supportive, whether they are going through the same things I am, or they’ve been here a while(or forever) and have just had the biggest hearts and reached out to little old “stick my foot in my mouth” me. I’m so thankful that they did. Where would I be without them? I’d be lonely and crying that’s for sure, pining for my friends in Louisiana even more than I do now. I think we are starting to root, though!  My kids are extremely happy with their Florida friends and seeing them laugh and play and learn together just makes it that much better. God couldn’t have provided us with better friends here in Florida. I look forward to seeing more of how we fit into each others lives.

I’d love to have my Louisiana friends and my Florida friends all in one place just once. That would be sooo cool!


Happy Valentines Day!!



  1. So happy to be one of your Florida friends and I would LOVE to meet your Louisiana friends one day! Our family is blessed to have you guys in our lives!

  2. I so totally understand how you feel! I’m so glad that you posted way back when and that we were able to meet! What a blessing you have been to us!

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