Posted by: ME | February 10, 2011

The Big Move

Last year we moved to Central Florida.

We’ve never lived anywhere else as a family, except Southeast Louisiana. My husband and I lived and had kid#1 in Plano, Texas(near Dallas), but after baby #1 was out, we started looking to get home.

My kids are 13 and 11- both girls. All 4 of us had our feet and hearts totally grounded, rooted and basically glued to our church family, our home school family, and our family family. We did not realize just how rooted we were till we lived in Florida. Especially with 2 tween/teen girls. You know, pubescent with lots of hormones???

Our church family- we went to a fairly large UMC that had so many options for involvement. Over 11 years, the kids were in children’s choir, one went to preschool there, they did plays, took voice lessons, had drama camp, Not to mention the “normal” involvement we did including Sunday service, kids in Sunday school, bible study, Wednesday Night Dinner, VBS, etc. Kid#1 had hands laid on her there (she had leukemia), got her 3rd grade bible there, and confirmed her faith right there at WND, as well as with her friends during service, plus she attended bible study on Tuesday nights with friends. We just assumed kid#2 would’ve gone that path also. I cannot even express the friends ships and what they still mean to us now. The ability to go to church there when HOME visiting is like walking into a comfortable place of peace. Yes, every church has their issues, as do families. But I like imperfection right? This church is HOME. Haven’t found it yet in Central Florida. I felt it right away at the UMC at HOME. I guess I expected that here….

Our home school family-the best part was being surrounded by people who love Jesus in almost every aspect of my life. We were part of a huge Christian home school community. It was a rough start for me. That’s also for another day. Overall, it turned out okay, and I made some great friendships and even got a ‘sister’ out of it. Well, a really good friend who I started out having a little in common with, but God kept at us and she is now still my friend and I consider my sister in Christ. We compliment each other well because we are somewhat opposite! Anyway, with co-op, field trips, graduations, I was pretty connected. We even helped start an American Girl Club with a Christian spin that went on for about 3 years. I really felt that between homeschooling and church, my family was surrounded by people with at least the common goal to live in the light of Jesus. Even if we had different ideas of HOW-LOL!

My family family-Close, but not too close, we all get along fairly well(though there’s plenty dysfunction, esp in our past!-LOL) I have 2 brothers and a sister. I was just getting a lot closer with my sister before we moved and she had kept me going in our first month here in Florida with care packages. it was hard enough that we moved a week before the Saints went to the Superbowl! It was agonizing. She sent me packages of Zapps and Zatarains and beads and lots of New Orleans type yummies! The first month here really sucked(more on that later too!). I was so excited that my brother was coming down to Disney with his family and that they were letting their oldest stay with us for an extra week.  We also were blessed to have my sisters little girl over for 2 weeks(she and kid#2 are very close). My dad also came down and stayed with us for a month. It was a great first summer here, filled with family and a trip HOME too. Now to get my momma and other brother here and soon! AND my sister and her family too!

Our big move has brought a lot of fun(Mickey Mouse!), but also a lot of sadness and even some medical issues.

We don’t have the church.

We don’t have the same type home school group, yet that part IS working out. It has required some pruning and prodding on our part. Getting used to new things is not one of my natural skills.

We definitely don’t have any family here. None. The closest are in Miami, about 4 hours away. The next closest are in Pensacola, about 6 hours away. Then there is the 10 hour drive HOME.  BUT, we are making our friends as fill in family members at certain times of year:0)

AND we have had some fun with friends coming into town to see Mickey. We have had a few stay with us too, and look forward to some more coming in soon!


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