Posted by: ME | February 10, 2011

Suffering for Beauty

Ok, so our youngest was outfitted with some new up and coming braces, along with these little springy things to help separate 2 teeth so another one can fit between them, in 3 places. It seems her little mouth will be going through a little more than her sister is going through. She’s spent the day in pain, but momma’s bringing on the Tylenol, round the clock! She took a hot bath and a nap, too. Poor baby. Of course, she got out of  doing school today, which I am sure was just a little part of her plan this morning before we headed out to the orthodontist.

Yup, she’s milking it. But I also know she’s not fibbing about her pain. Hopefully tomorrow is a brighter day! Plus, in 2.5 years, she’ll have a really pretty set of chompers.


This is a short post- we are all pretty tired, in pain, or grumpy today.

Things have to change around here, in too many ways. I am going to take a breath and start one ONE thing at a time. But which ONE???




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