Posted by: ME | February 4, 2011

Imperfect and happy

Here is my first post, which I am sure will suck according to a book I’m reading about starting up a blog. It’s very plain and bland and I am not all THAT tech savvy but I can learn!

My thoughts are , at this moment, that I am determined to start something new. This techy stuff is all new and scary to me . I “blogged” for about 5 years on a caringbridge site but it was easy and all done for me. All I had to do was click on a cute theme, pick a color font and start writing.It was a limited “blog” but it suited me just fine. That was all a long time ago though. I’m a stay at home mom now that we have moved over 500 miles from HOME. You’ll notice I capitalize HOME and the place I am sitting in now is “home”. See? It’s not capitalized. I do so love it, and wouldn’t change a thing. SOMETIMES, like twice in this past year, I thought about my old job(and maybe going back into that field). It was a fleeting moment.

So I guess this spot will be for the aftermath that comes with having a kid with cancer………..and survives. Or more the MIRACLE that comes with the aftermath. But that’s not all. Nope, it’s not it at all.

There’s some thing about perfection that drives me insane and always has. Well, the “image” of perfection, because, truthfully, there is NO such thing!

So, welcome to this imperfect life. I hope to “meet” many more here. I’m hoping for a blog that motivates, whines, learns, prays, complains, and can be happy with me,too.

So, here I am. I try to not use too many exclamation points but I tend to do so.


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